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Lottery Scams. Most Recent Complaints & Suggestions About Products & Services By Consumers from Across World and Abroad

consumer complaints

$1000 Target Gift Card Winner Scam Message. Beware of Scam!

Consumer: Ali Egypt 2013-04-25 ID: 586

Facebook Online International Lottery From: The Desk Of the President. International Promotions / Prize Award. Category: 2nd Greetings to you Dear lucky winner. We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws...... Read More

Consumer Complaints Forum. World Consumer Complaints Forum / Board / Court to Submit / Post Complaints Online Against Companies, Agencies & others
Consumer: Harry Philippines 2013-04-16 ID: 572

This SMS has arrives stating that my mobile number has awarded 2,500, 000.00 us dollars from 12Call Intl Mobile Draws, in Thailand. To claim prize contact This is true or flase sms? ...... Read More

Consumer: H Losoer Namibia 2012-11-13 ID: 392

Hola... I get this mail from SARU making me winner. We wish to notify you that your email address was automatically selected during the RUGBY 2011 world cup finals in New-Zealand and has won you GBP1 000.000.00 Cash (One Million Great Britain Poun...... Read More

Consumer: S. K. Maurya United Kingdom 2012-10-06 This Complaint has a Response
ID: 337

IS IT TRUE OR SCAM NOKIA 2012 AWARD DESK. NOKIA CO-OPERATION UNITED KINGDOM Nokia House. Summit Avenue Southwood Farnborough Hampshire GU14 0NAG, UK. Tel: +44-7010061993 +44-7010061958 Email: Dear Winne...... Read More

Consumer: Saqlin Pakistan 2012-09-20 This Complaint has a Response
ID: 265

Date: 19th September 2012 Winning Information Tickets No. iLotto/2012/ATM Ref: 11/9420X2/68 Batch: 074/12/ZY369 Website: Dear Lucky Winner/Internet User, We are pleased to info...... Read More

Consumer: E Ayinde Nigeria 2012-09-09 This Complaint has a Response
ID: 179

I received an sms on 9-9-2012 that my mobile number has won 950,000 Great British pounds in the 2012 sms raffle and to redeem my prize have to send my name, mobile no and e mail address to Please tell me whether it\'s true or no...... Read More

Consumer: Rahman Bangladesh 2012-09-08 This Complaint has a Response
ID: 164


Consumer: Fernando Mauritius 2012-09-02 This Complaint has a Response
ID: 117

I received email saying I won UK Mega Lottery of 500,000 GBP . It said I will receive check for 2000GBP which I can use for incidental charges for getting the winning amount. I was asked to immediately reply with address and my bank name and ac...... Read More

Consumer: Stacy United States 2012-08-25 This Complaint has a Response
ID: 69

we recived a phone call from Gold Rush International and a man named Robert Hunt said we had won $2.5 million dollars and all we had to pay was $275!! The call came from Jamaica - 876 code Obvious Scam. ...... Read More


Complaints World is a Global Consumer Complaints Forum. The website offers complaints form to post complaint about telephone, mobile, internet, broadband, credit card, banking, online shopping, travel, holiday, courier, medical, health, cruise, vacation, tour, airline, automobile, taxi, billing, ecommerce, insurance, stock trading, financial and other service providers in United States(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Canada, South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ireland, Malaysia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Egypt, Kenya, Singapore, France, Italy, Hong Kong and other countries around the world. If you have been harassed by a company, post your grievances with company Mail Id, to enable the company to address your complaint and possibly resolve the same. Complaints World seeks to build a bridge between YOU, the Consumer and Companies.

Select appropriate sub category from the drop down field in Consumer Complaint Submit Page and submit details Complaint. If Company Mail Id is given, complaint will be forwarded to Company for resolution. You can also search for complaint status.

  • United States - 243
  • United Kingdom - 44
  • Canada - 39
  • Philippines - 32
  • Australia - 27
  • South Africa - 26
  • Bangladesh - 24
  • Pakistan - 17
  • Ireland - 16
  • Thailand - 15
  • Malaysia - 14
  • New Zealand - 9
  • Indonesia - 9
  • France - 9
  • Egypt - 9
  • United Arab Emirates - 8
  • Sri Lanka - 8
  • Nigeria - 8
  • Germany - 7
  • Brazil - 6
  • - 6
  • India - 5
  • Argentina - 5
  • Singapore - 5
  • Sweden - 5
  • Bahamas - 4
  • Italy - 4
  • Taiwan - 4
  • Kenya - 3
  • Barbados - 3
  • Kuwait - 3
  • Ghana - 3
  • Qatar - 3
  • Croatia - 3
  • Turkey - 3
  • Mauritius - 2
  • Jamaica - 2
  • Hong Kong - 2
  • Spain - 2
  • Nepal - 2
  • Libya - 2
  • Guyana - 2
  • Zimbabwe - 2
  • China - 2
  • Botswana - 2
  • Afghanistan - 1
  • Bhutan - 1
  • Poland - 1
  • Trinidad and Tobago - 1
  • Romania - 1
  • Tanzania - 1
  • Namibia - 1
  • Benin - 1
  • Cameroon - 1
  • Ethiopia - 1
  • Portugal - 1
  • Angola - 1
  • Venezuela - 1
  • Ecuador - 1
  • Lithuania - 1
consumer complaints


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