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consumer complaints

$1000 Target Gift Card Winner Scam Message. Beware of Scam!

Consumer: Peter Mac Australia 2013-03-21 ID: 519

Someone from called me while I was on my way to office claiming I have been selected for a Free Orlando Florida holiday plus a Carnival Cruise package by as part of their Global Marketing I...... Read More

Consumer Complaints Forum. World Consumer Complaints Forum / Board / Court to Submit / Post Complaints Online Against Companies, Agencies & others
Consumer: Jarred Clarke United States 2013-01-10 ID: 471

I received this call from 916-941-5162 claiming to be from Cash Advance USA. He told me I had defaulted on payday loan and I have to good $557 immediately. I told him I had not defaulted on any such loan. He said the records said otherwise and I wo...... Read More

Consumer: Damien United States 2012-12-23 ID: 447

Hello ... I received this phone call with queer accent and I knew its someone trying to knock off personal data. He said $1500 loan is pre approved and will be credited to my account! He tried to phish for data and I gave all junk. SS number, date ...... Read More

Money Lost

Consumer: Y Balsara United Kingdom 2012-10-13 ID: 353

Happy to hear the news that Scotland Yard has been able to track down the fraudsters behind Max Infotech Loan scam. As per published news coming from India, Indian Police have arrested and the scammers Yasheen Nagpal and Rajan Bhayana are under p...... Read More

Consumer: Abraham Kuwait 2012-09-18 This Complaint has a Response
ID: 259

I received a call from Alghanim Company 22266947. He said that I have won gifts from Alghanim! Samsung Galaxy mobile, Gift Coupon Booklet from Alghanim and KD 500 which will be delivered to my home in 2 hour time. I have to do is I have to...... Read More

Consumer: Laura United States 2012-09-09 This Complaint has a Response
ID: 178

I received a call from 459- 121-8344 telling me that I had completed a survey and won a $500 gift card for walmart plus a ipod from the Waka Network. The caller wanted me to go to and fill in name and address. But at the webs...... Read More

Consumer: Palmer United Kingdom 2012-09-02 ID: 113

I received call from a person saying from Microsoft partner Global Connect Cloud which is rectifying problems identified by Microsoft in Windows PCs. He said he is software support engineer and my computer will crash soon since its infected. He was s...... Read More

Consumer: Rainer United States 2012-08-25 ID: 71

I received call from one Mr. Morgan Daniel of Seniors First on behalf of the Revenue Department... He said that the Department is assessing property tax refunds for Seniors which could help me get refund if I qualify for Federal property tax relief...... Read More

Consumer: Debra United States 2012-08-24 ID: 66

I a senior citizen and received call asking to take election survey with free Cruise Offer. After the questions were answered I was told to pay Port Charges of 75 bucks for Cruise..and for payment he asked for Credit Card Info. But later no one con...... Read More

Consumer: Chuck United Kingdom 2012-08-19 ID: 29

My PC was running a bit slow and I received a call from Microsoft Service Center. A person who called himself Francis spoke in Indian Accent. He told, Microsoft Service Center has detected that my system is infected and offered to clean the system on...... Read More

Consumer: D John United States 2012-08-19 ID: 18

Hello.. I received a phone call informing that I have won 500,000 USD in the USA Mega Sweepstakes. The caller told that the prize will be delivered to me by cheque and I have to complete my personal profile with USA Mega Sweepstakes. For this I h...... Read More


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  • Bahamas - 5
  • Singapore - 5
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consumer complaints


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